About the Research Group

Inspired by the Garbage Can Model of Organizational Choice, the Garbage Can Lab is the research group under Professor Jungpil Hahn at NUS School of Computing. Our group’s research focuses on a better understanding of today’s complex socio-technical world and developing solutions that create impact. We can best be described as organized anarchy with problematic preferences, unclear technology, and fluid participation.

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Professor Jungpil Hahn

Professor Hahn’s research focuses on open innovation, organizational learning and knowledge management, software development processes, software project management and human-computer interaction. His research has been published in Management Science, Information Systems Research, Organization Science, Journal of Management Information Systems, and many other influential research outlets. 

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About Research @ Garbage Can Lab

At the moment, our research group is focusing on fourteen major research themes centred on information systems and computing. These fourteen themes, in turn, are the primary study areas explored by current and former students — the majority of whom are supervised or co-supervised by Professor Hahn Jungpil and other prominent professors.

We are open to research collaborations with established and new organizations, policymakers, and technologists in order to jointly improve the trustworthiness and effectiveness of the world's information systems. Our research work provides companies with experimental and technically grounded counsel on the development of information systems, organizational learning, crowdfunding, and privacy technologies, among others. By drawing on the experiences of organizations and overcoming numerous barriers, we want to gain a better understanding of the socio-technical phenomenon for various information systems.

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Making the Crowd Wiser: (Re)combination through Teaming in Crowdsourcing

Zhou, J. and Hahn, J. (2021)

Toward a Better Understanding of Crisis and Online Prosocial Lending

Wang, Z., Yang, L. and Hahn, J. (2021)

Pick the Odd-Ones Out! Conferring Legitimacy of Initial Coin Offerings By Distinction

Shahid, M.N. and Hahn, J. (2021)

The Complex Effects of Cross-Domain Knowledge on IS Development: A Simulation-Based Theory Development

Hahn, J. and Lee, G. (2021)

How Rewarding are Your Rewards? A Value-based View of Crowdfunding Rewards and Crowdfunding Performance

Jiang, H., Wang, Z., Yang, L., Shen, J. and Hahn, J. (2021)

Current Members

Nauman Shahid

PhD Student

Dawei Chen

PhD Student

Yihong Lan

PhD Student

Junjie Zhou

PhD Student

Yonggang Li

PhD Student
Kai Le Lim

Kai Le Lim

Undergraduate Student

Ruilin Zhang

PhD Student (Visiting)

Junyi Li

PhD Student