11 Research Link, #COM3-02-65 Singapore 119391

Junyi Li

PhD Student

NUS School of Computing

Research Interest

I mainly write theoretical papers that examine how digital organizing can be rationally designed, in dealing with complexity in information systems. My studies consist of three connected streams.

  • Decentralized Organizational Design with Blockchain Technology (i.e., Regime)
  • Managing Wisdom of Crowds in Crowdsourcing (i.e., Human Component)
  • Managing Wisdom of AI in Organizational Rationality (i.e., Machine Component)


Computational Modeling, Econometrics

Conference Papers

Li, J., Hahn, J., and Tayi, G. K. (2023). Meta-Organizational Learning Through Digital Consensus. International Conference of Information Systems Proceedings, Hyderabad, India.

Li, J., Zhou, J., and Hahn, J. (2023). Solving Problem with Generalists and Specialists: An Agent-based Simulation Model. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2023(1), 13364.

  1. 2020-Present

    Ph.D. student in Information Systems

    National University of Singapore
  2. 2018-2020

    Master of Management

    Harbin Institute of Technology
  3. 2014-2018

    Bachelor of Chemistry, Bachelor of Management

    Harbin Institute of Technology