15 Computing Dr., COM2 #01-02
Singapore 117418

Yihong Lan

PhD Student

NUS School of Computing


Yihong is a current PhD student at the Department of Information Systems and Analytics in National University of Singapore (DISA – NUS). He used to work long hours for a bank in his past life before trading it for long hours in academia. Yihong’s research focuses on the digitization of surveillance technologies and how they might impact user privacy. He hopes to raise more awareness on just how fundamentally important privacy is to everyone through his research. He is warily anticipating how the latest iOS privacy protections might shift the odds in our favor.

Yihong enjoys cooking, eating and the occasional beer.

Research Interestes

  • Surveillance technologies
  • Privacy


  • Post-COVID-19 Multimodal Online Assessment

  1. 2010

    BSE Industrial and Operations Engineering

    University of Michigan